Scrolling techniques

From Google Material Design documentation: When designing scrolling behavior, app bars contain four main regions (referred to as blocks) that comprise the scrolling structure: Status bar »


From Google Material Design documentation. Use auto-complete text fields to present real-time suggestions or completions in dropdowns, so users can enter information more accurately and efficiently. »

Navigation Drawer

From Google material design documentation and android training. The navigation drawer slides in from the left. It is a common pattern found in Google apps and »

Swipe to refresh

From the Google Material Design documentation Swipe to refresh is a swipe gesture available at the beginning of lists, grid lists, and card collections where the »

Data redaction and truncation

From Google material design documentation Midline ellipses [• • •] are three-bullet glyphs used to represent numeric truncation and the redaction of sensitive data, such as credit card, debit »